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At the end of the Netflix revival, Rory (Alexis Bledel) told Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that she was pregnant.

"The intention is to keep that open," Czuchry tells when asked about creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Dan Palladino's ending for the four-part event.

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Lives may be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered.

Although viewers knew she had slept with her college beau in the same episode, it was left unconfirmed whether Rory was definitely carrying his child.

) each other, but they're doing it behind the backs of their respective significant others.

Logan is engaged to a French socialite named Odette, and, until the very end of the final episode, Rory is in a nearly three-year relationship with an unbelievably forgettable man named Paul.

"Their intention was to leave that open and put that out in the universe for fans to talk about and debate." It was a huge leap from where Rory and Logan left things at the end of the original series' seven-season run.

In the penultimate episode, Logan proposed to Rory at her graduation party.

The Lela Rose-clad actress walked the red carpet Monday at the Fox Upfronts, held at Central Park's Wollman Rink in New York City. "The show gets picked up, [she gets] engaged—unbelievable." In fact, Van Camp said the timing couldn't have been better.

It marked her first public appearance since getting engaged to Josh Bowman late last week. News caught up with Van Camp at the event, who said life as a bride-to-be is "good." Of course, as she pointed out, "It's only been a couple days."Even so, the 31-year-old actress said, "It's wonderful." with co-stars Matt Czuchry, Manish Dayal and Bruce Greenwood. "We got engaged and then two hours later they called to say our show's picked up— it was my birthday.

Alicia Florrick) had won for Best Actress in a TV drama. They’re certainly not friends, but I think he’s become real focused when he’s around her on just doing a good job and being a good lawyer.

Tennessee-raised, he was unfailingly polite, even rearranging his silverware neatly as he got up from the table. Winning that competition [for the associate position at Lockhart Gardner] was the biggest moment of his life, and Alicia undercut him by using her name. He’s gone from this giant firm to the SA’s office where he probably gets his own coffee. Then why did he ask Diane twice for Alicia’s salary and a position above her? When I was in kindergarten, it took me like three months to learn how to spell my own name.

You’ll see him taking it upon himself to protect her. I liked that one episode in the first season when he was on mushrooms with the girl.

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