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Intro’s older dating services are available for all and we already service those in the mature age bracket.

As Irish matchmakers, we’ve seen proof first hand of the joy that finding love later on in life can offer.

Would you like to meet intelligent and interesting singles in Leicester?

But then came the scene where his character made a joke about having a small dick.

I might have let the joke slip by unanalyzed if it weren’t for how he went into lengthy detail about the years of insecurity he’d suffered because of his tiny penis, confessing that he special-orders tiny condoms online, because even the smallest condoms available in stores are too baggy and just slip off. But despite this, I agreed to go on a dinner date with the filmmaker the following week, because, well, I really liked him.

I am also healthy and active, spiritual and passionate. i devote myself to caring for those I love, the environment and those who need support.

I,m a fun loving woman who has been in the closet for years and now it,s time for me to come out , I have never been with another woman and I am insecure from past relationships I am in my 2nd year clear of breast cancer and have had surgery so one breast is slightly smaller than the other I am a social smoker and drinker My friends would say that I am caring, compassionate, loyal and honest.

Looking for interesting and fun woman to get to know. Enjoy having a good laugh, dancing, live bands, going out for dinner but also enjoy spending time at home. Firstly ladies......because I say I'm Bi, please don't overlook me.

I enjoy the outdoors, my dog is my best mate and companion. I consider myself femme, but I like to think I'm just me.

I am interested in wood work, photography, home improvements, love walking on the beach but not so much swimming in the ocean, enjoy working but not forever, travel, I don't drink, i smoke. Feeling isolated after losing my life partner of 40 years. I don't conform to any category and I don't conform to the mass.

Retired early 9 years ago & became carer for my partner. I've been told I have a quirky sense of humour, I'm a good loyal partner as well as friend, honest, a little extraverted but not loud, calm, good communicator but not a fan of confrontation, not sporty, a bit of a homebody but don't mind going out too just not one that needs to get out a lot, I am a fuller figured girl with some wicked curves, sexy, very passionate and have been on a journey of self discovery this last two plus years.

“I just wanted to meet a nice lady, someone to share my life with. I met them in Cork – gave them my details and they arranged all my dates! ” Providing an older dating service has let us see that dating can be a ton of fun at this age.

I didn’t want to go online in case one of my kids spotted me! No longer are you burdened with what’s to come, getting the perfect job, finding a house – you’ve already got all that.

I love surrounding myself with things that make me smile everyday. I love things that are a little different, but also individual.

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