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Students are not required to enroll in the Aetna Student Health plan.However, the University encourages students and their families to compare their existing plan to the Aetna Student Health plan.

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Click How to Waive UC SHIP for more information about the Health Fee Waiver process, including waiver deadlines & waiver criteria.

Undergraduate students: $651.00 per quarter Graduate and Professional students: $1,191.00 per quarter The fee is charged to your student billing account along with other mandatory registration fees each quarter (Fall 2017, Winter 2018 and Spring 2018).

It only covers healthcare which is normally covered by a statutory health care system in the visited country, so it does not render travel insurance obsolete.

The card was phased in from 1 June 2004 and throughout 2005, becoming the sole healthcare entitlement document on 1 January 2006.

UC SHIP is a student-focused benefits package for UCSD graduate and undergraduate students, including strong medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, dental, and vision care benefits.

UC SHIP is compliant with the Affordable Care Act requirements and works to complement your care at the Student Health Services right on campus.

In some cases, students and their families find that the Aetna Student Health plan costs less and provides more comprehensive coverage than their current health plan.

Compare Plans In addition to being more economical for some families, the Aetna Student Health plan also covers situations unique to students.

Key Dates UVa will post the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan annual premium of ,690 to the SIS accounts of students who enrolled, failed to submit adequate documentation, or whose health plans were determined not to provide comparable coverage.

Questions regarding PSIP can be answered by SHS' Insurance Department. For specific claims questions regarding PSIP, please contact Deborah Olson from Aetna Student Health at [email protected] by calling 2.

Enrollment is automatic for registered students; waiver application is also available. Click here to view the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and UC SHIP TIP SHEET Click here to read the letter from the UC Office of the President.

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