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He was never supportive and wouldn't allow me to talk about the cancer.

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I really am mainly still with him because I moved from england to canada to be with him, there is nobody else here apart from HIS family. But at 42 you are way to young to think about being alone...... I bet you have loads going for you, and you are still the same person as you were before...... Huge Hugs Jxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi Lisa, Im also 42, divorced and dating, and I like you seem to find that once I mention that Im a cancer survivor, men pull away.

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He blamed me, left me, charged me for taking me for treatments, got all religeous on me: "You deserve cancer because you come from a family of heathens, who don't go to church on a sunday".....? I am still with him and we are trying to rebuild, Maybe this is not possible.

I understand you wanting to be honest and not lead a perspective long-term relationship down the garden path.

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