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This new edition is quite different from Dean Essig's original game from back in 2000.It features a revised order of battle, modified rules, and a new map.

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After launching my expertise with MS Mail, I experienced Exchange 2000 Conferencing and now focus and Skype for Business.

Microsoft awarded me multiple times with MVP Skype for Business Status for my professional work and community you reply on any of this emails, the Outlook Card is still not available and therefor the presence you do not reply, but instead start a new email, after the address part is resolved, Outlook Contact Card and Presence is available for this user.

In order to display number formats in the second example Lync Server will need to be manually configured to properly normalize these numbers.

As a general best practice the format should be pretty uniform among all AD users and contacts but if they are not then multiple rules can be added to match and normalize various numbering formats.

Additional info:if you open the Outlook Properties instead, the information are in all cases (email received, reply and new email) the same. On here is one exception - the Action Button is not Active (with properly) shows the Outlook Card, beside in a "new" email.

To troubleshoot common single-client Lync issues, a good starting point is to clear the client cache.

Here are some important points to consider however: July 2013 Update: see the blog post Anatomy of a SIP Domain Change ( for more information on this subject as it relates to Lync server.

As always, a perfectly written and extremely valuable post by the MVP Jeff Schertz , such great posts put a wide smile on my face 🙂 Great work Jeff. utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: jschertz (Jeff Schertz) As discussed in a past article the Address Book Normalization process of OCS is a barely-documented and often misunderstood process.

For example the pattern 13125557501 is populated on the following AD user account and appears in Lync.

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