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Her status as one of Big Apple's most eligible bachelorettes reached a new high in late February when New York magazine profiled her for an article titled, 'Meet the 4 most desired people in New York (According to OKCUpid).' With her piercing blue eyes, a cascade of thick, jet-black hair, ruby-red lips and eye-catching tattoos decorating much of her body, Urasek has proven irresistible to scores of men searching for a soul mate - or a hookup.

Her profile, which appears under the user name nebulaeandstuff, reads that she is 5-foot-five, curvy, an atheist and an astronomy geek.

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But if you're a true Trekkie (or Trekker, if that's your preference), try and send your inquiries and messages to prospective matches in Klingon via Bing Translator.

Just say, "qapar Ha'qu'" (English translation: "I love you"), and you and your newfound other half could soon be your own Perrin-and-Sarek duo.

Aside from its Star Trek theme, Trekkie Dating looks and works like any other typical dating site.

But who knows — you may be able to love long and prosper in a Deanna Troi and William Riker-esque coupling.

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🙂 I was introduced to a few, but I still love my romantic comedies and dramas! I ordered a few items from Star Trek Geeks and hoped for the best.

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