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Along with this, we have a resource blog in which we post a host of information to do with jewellery design, industry news and more.

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Temperatures in summer can reach into the high 40s Celsius, but below ground the temperature remains continually at around 22 degrees, year round The population is said to be highly variable as transient miners come and go over time.

In Lightning Ridge (Urban Centre - Locality), the most popular industries of employment were Education 4.5%, Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants 4.1%, Other Mining 4.0%, Community Services 2.7% and Personal and Household Good Retailing 2.5%.

In 1936, several Indigenous families living at a local government settlement were forced to move to the Brewarrina settlement.

Since that time, the local Indigenous population has increased because of the influx from other regions of Indigenous people seeking work in opal mining or agriculture.

Coober Pedy and the opal mining fields lie on a stony desert plain on the edge of the Stuart Ranges, approximately 845 km north of Adelaide.

If you drive into town from Oodnadatta, you cross the moon plain which has been the set for several movies.

It was last spotted over the north Atlantic on September 15.

This hurricane was the deadliest weather disaster in United States history.

It's the most desolate, featureless place I have ever seen. Coober Pedy is an Aboriginal name that means "white men in a hole".

The name perfectly describes the fact that about 80 % of the residents live underground to escape from the heat in summer, and the cold nights in winter.

This killer weather system was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on August 27.

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