Panasonic epg not updating

Would plugging my big screen somehow into the cable box change this? The program info is being decoded by the cable box and displayed. If it's really important than you can rent an additional box from charter for 2nd Tv. Ok so im now thinking the box that is downstairs isnt a cable box...It very well could just be some sort of internet thing (it has a ethernet port, a cable-in-, and two phone plugs [edited]), because it isnt connected to any of my TV's and it doesnt look like it could hook up to a TV.Crucially, Freeview Play integrates on-demand into live TV via the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

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But where things get clever is the ability to navigate backwards through time, to see programmes that have already aired.

Now, when you find a programme that's available on demand, selecting it from the EPG will automatically open up the respective on-demand app and instantly start playback of that programme.

New televisions Freeview’s official compatibility list only includes Sony and LG televisions.

Several new Panasonic televisions also support Freeview Plus – their omission from the list is more to do with trouble striking a deal between Freeview and Panasonic rather than any issue with the televisions.

I would really like this fixed for it is very annoying when I'm flipping channels and i don't know: 1.) What channel im on 2.) Whats on on the channel im on If anyone has any information on how to fix it or if its just a problem ill have to live with (I'm not paying extra monthly fee for anything extra...). It used to show all the information (But the guide) when we got our TV from the air... When your tv gets signal from the air it is receiving, decoding, and displaying.

When you hook it to cable the tv is displaying only. or have you just plugged the charter cable into the tv? So my big screen is upstairs, my cable box is downstairs in the office (So we can keep everything together-Internet, cable box, wifi box, and our only surge protector...) and the other TV is in the family room.

All free TV services delivered via an aerial are based on Freeview HD, which delivers around 60 SD channels and 15 HD channels.

The difference comes from how catch-up services are integrated into the system, with Freeview Play also integrating on-demand players for BBC i Player, ITV Hub, All 4 and My 5.

Is it possible not to have any cable boxes to get picture?

If so, then would i just call Charter and ask for a box or maybe buy my own...?

Choosing a TV used to be simple and, if you didn't want to pay for a premium service, such as Sky Q, you either plugged in an aerial (Freeview) or connected up a satellite dish (Freesat), depending on the reception you got.

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