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The basic loads are created based on sales orders in the usual way, by using the Load planning workbench page.

To consolidate the two loads in a hub before they are delivered to the customer, on the Load planning workbench page, in the Transportation field, select Hub consolidation.

In short the code first creates the load lines (think of these as a copy a sales order line plus some additional warehouse specific fields) and then iterates through all the load lines that are released.

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When the shipments are at the hub, the transport coordinator consolidates the two shipments into one load to ensure the optimal route for both the shipments.

A typical warehouse or distribution centre ships material to various customer locations across the country, using various modes of transportation.

We recently went live with a customer on AX (it was a 2012 R3 CU10, below I have illustrated the learnings on AX “7”).

The customer who is a producer, distributor and retailer of jewelry and luxury goods decided to implement their warehouse operation in the WHS warehouse module.

Additionally, you can schedule a batch job to automate the process of building loads based on load building strategies.

For more information, see Use the Load planning workbench form to consolidate multiple shipments that are being shipped to different destinations on the same route.

Now it is important to understand what this parameter does.

The code that controls consolidation of sales orders is located in the WHSWarehouse Release.create Shipments() method.

This paper describes a heuristic solution approach for this problem.

Computational experiments using actual warehouse select activity indicate that, for moderate-size problems, the heuristic produces solutions with transportation costs that are within a few percent of optimal.

Larger problems found in practice are generally too large to be solved by optimal algorithms; the heuristic easily handles such problems.

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