Adult dating in gans oklahoma - Porschla coleman dating jason kidd

She worked…OJ Mayo’s girlfriend Dona Lambert may or may not have gotten hitched at some point last year or this year, but the couple was known to be engaged as far back as May of 2013.

​There is literally no mention on the internet at all of the actual marriage having taken place yet, so I’m going to assume that it’s been held up by various circumstances (often the case).

I make that obvious observation first and foremost.

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If they come back around five or ten minutes later, I’ll say yes. I can be strict when I have to be, when they’re not doing their homework or doing well in school." "I love the game of basketball.

But hopefully I can maybe become a coach or own a team.

Those who follow us regularly know that we're not really into the analyzing generic stats when it comes to the league's biggest ballers.

Nah, we prefer looking into things like who has the bushiest unibrows in sports history and which athlete has set the record for most baby mamas.

Mariah is ready to cheer for Giannis from the stands and support him off the court.

I wonder if she knows how to prepare Greek cuisine yet?

Jabari Parker’s girlfriend Logan West is a super cute former Miss Teen USA winner. Logan is very traditional, and I can tell she loves children.

One is a group that helps kids defend against bullies, and the other is for young girls.

So, with this year's NBA playoffs in full swing, we've compiled a list of the hottest wives and girlfriends linked to the NBA's biggest stars.

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