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All other possible liabilities, like employment or renting a property, are stopped.It really is the end of the company, but the “business” may survive.Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is started by the directors, they tell the shareholders the company is not viable, it is insolvent and they must stop trading.

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At this meeting the creditors vote to appoint a liquidator. So, this is why it’s called Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

It’s very common, quick and a very powerful way to close a business and deal with things properly.

There are a few different options for Liquidation but essentially it comes down to 2 main types of Liquidation, these are: Members Voluntary Liquidation is when the directors and shareholders petition to liquidate the company.

If a company is solvent but still wants to wind up then a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) can be petitioned.

Article 211 of the Companies Act (CAP113) sets out the circumstances under which the company may be liquidated by the Court.

An application for liquidation of the Court should specify which of the criteria of Article 211 is based upon: The criteria are: The key provisions of the legislation when a winding up decree is issued are the following: When a winding up decree is issued, it is customary to Order that the expenses are to be paid out of the company’s property and a copy of this Order must also be sent to the Company Registrar and Official Receiver.

Under Maltese law, a limited liability company can never be automatically “struck off” the Register by the Registrar of Companies.

CSB Group provides clients with timely, cost-effective and confidential advice on liquidation and company dissolution procedures.

Company liquidation procedures will vary depending on the company’s situation, for example if the company is solvent or not, or has assets.

Liquidation procedures are different for different types of liquidation, for example Compulsory Liquidation, procedures are set in motion by the creditors the company owes money to, however in Members Voluntary Liquidation it is a choice by directors and shareholders whether to start Liquidation proceedings.

The company has to prove to the Court that they are not insolvent and are not trying to avoid paying creditors.

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