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In public I just took it on board but it really got to me.I took a while to be confident in my skin and not take the comments personally.

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When a person with psoriasis is going through a challenging period of time with symptoms of the condition, it can also have an effect on family members and significant others.

It is difficult to see someone you love going through physical and/or emotional pain, yet it can be hard to know the best way to support a family member with psoriasis.

I am lucky to have always been surrounded by family and friends who supported me and didn’t make a fuss of my psoriasis.

It was actually them who encouraged me to be more confident in my skin and show it off!

It can also be difficult for some people with psoriasis to form new relationships with friends or romantic partners because they feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their symptoms and are worried that the other person will not understand their health condition or accept them.

In a dating context, people with highly visible psoriasis symptoms may be particularly concerned about the impact of their condition.

But dating with psoriasis isn’t something to shy away from.

So forget canceling a date to stay home binge-watching Netflix series, especially when you have a flare-up or particularly bad case of psoriasis - plus you can always catch your fave show AFTER the date, or even better, find someone to watch them WITH under a blanket!

I do think my psoriasis holds me back in dating but not any other aspect.

I guess in this day and age where everyone is striving for perfection you cant help but my self conscious about your biggest insecurity (especially when its on your face).

My advice to other people would be to just and ignore the comments.

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