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That is not to say it wasn’t without its highlights; Kofi Kingston supplying his usual survival trickery and Tye Dillinger of NXT and 205 Live’s Brit Jack Gallagher being welcomes addition, but that’s probably about it.

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According to Dykstra, he learned that Mickie was cheating with John Cena thanks to a Google search outing the relationship, and James admitted to it.

“As far as that whole thing with Ken it was a shame that he went out and said the things that he did and did that, because I feel that a lot of it was a lie and it was mostly just kind of to help his book sales or whatever the case may be.

James then confessed her unfaithfulness to Doane in a dramatic episode. She was checking to see if it was on the net yet," Doane recalls. The once-promising grappler languished throughout his duration on the blue brand and was ultimately dismissed in November 2008.

"She was googling mickie james and john cena dating. Doane attributes James' WWE success during her relationship with Cena to the wrestling megstar.

Undoubtedly there were things that helped – a Texan crowd in excess of 50,000 almost guarantees you the kind of atmosphere that not only works live but also translates superbly on to television.

And the build-up to this year’s event, not blighted and punctured by too many unnecessary pay-per-views along the way, was as good as it’s been in weeks. I had the honor and privilege of meeting John Cena on June 16th, 2014. My favorite Diva is the Queen of the Divas division, the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, AJ Lee. I will Cameron and John realise what they mean to one another and take their relationship to levels they never imagined they would. I do take request so message me if you have any but know this.Kenn Doane, formerly Kenny Dykstra and Kenny from the Spirit Squad, has continued dishing dirt via Twitter regarding John Cena and Mickie James' relationship years ago.Doane, who at one point was engaged to James, says he discovered she had been cheating on him with the Cenation leader when he oversaw her online searching rumors concerning her act of infidelity. well u know." Cena's relationship with James resulted in Doane being transferred from Rawwhere Cena and James residedto Smack Down.James was engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra.

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