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In addition, it is worth noting that this particular adapter is the first we've used that does not incur a performance hit.In fact, we tried the RD400 with and without the adapter and it ran slightly better with the adapter.

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We feel the additional $20 spent to get the adapter is money well spent.

Even with the adapter, the RD400's MSRP is $10-$20 lower than a 950 Pro at similar capacity points.

The drives will be sold as PCIe add-in cards or standalone gum-stick drives, with capacities ranging from 128GB on up to 1TB.

Peak sequential bandwidth ranges from 2.2GB/s on the 128GB drive on up to 2.6GB/s on the larger capacities.

Command Line Online Update Tool (CLOUT) is a command Line Interface (CLI) based tool for managing OCZ SSDs including firmware and BIOS updates.

For a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based alternative, check out SSD Utility.

Like the last couple of OCZ solid state drives we’ve looked at recently, the new RD400 is packing all Toshiba-made, proprietary technology.

The NAND, controller, and firmware are all baked in-house.

All the drives are physically similar, so we are only going to take photos of one of them.

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