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'Her mum [Goldie Hawn] had told her that she worried about his lifestyle - always being on the road and with so many temptations - made him an unsuitable father figure for Kate's son.'Kate decided to end it before things with A-Rod got too messy.'Rodriguez has two daughters, Natasha, 5, and Ella, 20 months with his ex-wife Cynthia.

How would you feel if your new boyfriend kept calling his ex?

'The source, quoted in a US magazine, claimed that Hudson, 30, refused to be 'the other woman', saying: 'She said that if Madonna is what A-Rod wants then she can have him.'It broke her heart to break up with him, but she didn't have any choice.'Kate and A-Rod were having lots of arguments in the two weeks before they broke up.

And since a baseball player's life experiences breed all of these things in some way or another, I get why someone's "type" could include a baseball player. These are girls for whom the fact he is an athlete trumps anything at all about his actual person. Assuming no one is reading this as research for landing a ball player (big assumption I know) lemme tell you a little about our lives as wives of men who play baseball for a living. Do NOT consider this life if you are going to make sure your husband hears how disappointed, sad, and inconvenienced you are because you have to leave your new friend, your favorite city, your family, or the shop you shouldn't have opened in the cute little downtown of the city you thought would be home because your husband had a great year there... A band, I think maybe the Counting Crows, were in town for a concert and a girlfriend attached herself to me and waited for her boyfriend in the wives room with me.

Lemme tell you what I think it takes to be a good partner in this life.. Flexibility as in being able to adjust to whatever, whenever, as often as is needed. Even in baseball there are relative levels of very comfortable, and this post isn't about someone who ends up being able to hire all her stress away. We live in Spring Training which is in a different area for each team. Yes, most stadiums have a room for the wives to wait in, and for the kids to play in.

Kate Hudson split with baseball star Alex Rodriguez because he still hasn't got over Madonna it has been claimed.

The actress and Rodriguez - nicknamed 'A-Rod' - split last month.

You may have seen me around, on the sideline of a game, or met me at your team’s end-of-season banquet. And although, throughout the first month of our relationship, my better half tried in earnest to teach me the intricacies of a forehand, there was one thing that became quickly clear: I came second to the disc. Just like baseball players may trade baseball cards; ultimate players trade jerseys.

You see, ultimate is more than just a game; ultimate players live and breathe ultimate: they go to ultimate parties, they spend copious amounts of time with teammates and opponents alike, they stream videos of ultimate from their desks at work, and they take vacations to exotic places… The first thing I noticed was the sheer time commitment. Evenings before a tournament, “jersey talk” ensued, which largely consisted of which jerseys would be most appealing during “trade night”.

It'll surprise you maybe, that I understand that someone could just really love baseball and therefore be drawn to baseball players.

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