Recovering alcoholics and dating

I saw her in the meeting and I kept on flashing, like, goofy grins at her and she wouldn't look back at me.

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I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin though, and I'd act out.

I would get into fights; I had a mouth on me that would get me into trouble too. After getting kicked out of an all-boys Catholic high school in Seattle halfway through my sophomore year, I went to an alternative school, which was in an area where you could get drugs conveniently. I was sleeping on friends' couches and jumping from place to place.

Recovering addicts often share how previous relationships during their drinking and drug use days were tumultuous and unhealthy.

Many times, both partners were drinking and doing drugs, or one was using while the other acted as an enabler.

From what I have read here and what I personally know, many alcoholics who do not "work on" their recoveries end up "dry drunks"....quit using and drinking but don't deal with the issues that caused those behaviours. I must say that it is a world that I no longer want to be in.

I wish him continued success in his recovery and hope that you always remember to take care of yourself.

I recently met a recovering alcoholic (2 years sober).

He has a lot of great qualities, but we don't know each other that well.

If you’ve been sober for some time and are looking to get back out in the dating world, there are a few words of advice that can help along the way.

There is no reason to let past relationships riddled with codependency issues, emotional abuse, and deception prevent you from starting over fresh now that you’ve cleaned up.

Too often, recovering alcoholics and addicts find themselves in codependent relationships that lack healthy communication, goal setting, and problem solving.

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