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If you own a Remington Model XP-100 rifle: Only those Remington Model XP-100 firearms made before February of 1975 were manufactured with a bolt-lock mechanism and are subject to this bolt-lock safety modification program .Please see Important Safety Notice regarding the 1979 recall below.A backcountry rifle requires a stock that is not just lightweight, but also extremely rigid and durable.

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Since 1979, thousands of owners of the affected firearms have participated in the 1979 recall and received new trigger assemblies.

How can you tell if your firearm was subject to the 1979 recall, and whether it was repaired as part of that program?

A hand-laid bedding job, applied by Custom Shop gunsmith Brian Smith, further accurizes the rifle by providing a rock-solid foundation.

A nails-tough KUIU Vias Cerakote paint job provides the eye candy.

The bullets all bounce off glass bottles, glass beer mugs, glass windows and their intended victims and they escape unharmed.

The barrel rib top inscription changed to REMINGTON ARMS CO. The two start a barroom brawl on a Mississippi river gambling boat, in which the bar patrons fire comically weak Derringer pistols.

The Remington Model 1100 has been a field-proved favorite ever since.

Its superb balance, handling, durability and soft recoil from the gas-operated action are the foundation of the Remington autoloading legacy.

This is an example of where to find the 2 letter date code on the Remington Nylon Rifles. In December of 1968 serial numbers were moved to the receiver cover and re-started at 2100000 and went to 2599999 in January of 1977.

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