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I can't for the life of me pair Hermione with the cannon Draco. I usually try posting once a week because I know how painful it is to wait for the stories I follow to be updated. I have mentioned it practically at the beginning of all the chapters. People who tell me Hermione suits better with Draco/ Snape/ Lucius/ Voldy/ etc. Please don't waste your precious time telling me why Ron is not perfect for Hermione, that's your take.But then again, I am a mum of a toddler and sometimes life simply doesn't stick to plan. If you are going to take offence when Draco doesn't end with Hermione, don't read some chapters just to drop me a shitty comment when the ball swings in Ron's favour. It won't change my views on him or the love I have for him.Magic was supposed to be whimsical, enchanting, fun.

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And yet, they still try, forcing light in the darkness and daring to laugh when others want to cry.

After all, they aren't dead yet, and there's few things that would irritate the Dark Lord more than a bunch of blood traitors and muggleborns thriving in the face of his power.

Look for Azalea Blueme First and foremost, I am a Harry Potter fanatic and a die hard Romione shipper.

I am an ardent fanfic reader myself and prefer long, well thought of and emotionally charged stories.

He is the most humane and most loyal character in the whole series. Draco, on the other hand, is an author's delight for the various shades that his character can have. But no Ron bashing will find a place in my stories.

I also have plans for some Draco/Astoria pieces, but that's in store for later. In my stories, the characters will be moody, complex but utterly human with their shares of vices and virtues and most often than not, behave in character. if I use him as a positive character, rest assured I'll build up a lot on the redemption part. I don't write Harry/Hermione specifically because I can't imagine anything more than platonic, sibling love between them. Note: WFD is a love triangle but eventually a Romione. I might be sounding rude, but I have seen enough of these flames and am forced to put this up on my hotttopicgirl is a Harry Potter fanfic in which, according to the summary, Hermione demonstrates her titular talent of singing (!) to prove that Muggles can be just as good as wizards. Wondering what in Merlin's name was going on, Hermione grabbed her wand, slid into her slippers and padded over to her window. Hermione let out another sigh.'I'll be down in a minute,' she muttered. ' she mumbled.'Because after years of waiting, Ron finally asked you out,' said Mrs Granger. 'We should probably head to The Burrow.'Ron shook his head.'No. 'We haven't been to the park yet.'Hermione giggled a bit.'OK,' she said. Hermione smiled and slid her hand into his proffered one. I'll let you know what to do next when we reach the point,' said Ron. Ron told her the next directions and soon, the two of them were sitting so close to the top of the tree that Hermione could see into the field across the way.'Wow,' she breathed. Hermione pulled back a bit when Ron's fingers crept under the hem of her shirt.'Too fast,' she panted.'Sorry,' Ron gasped, attempting to catch his breath.A pebble came soaring at it and Hermione jumped back a bit in shock.'Hermione, are you there? 'Stay there.'She closed the window and grabbed her housecoat, throwing it on over her nightgown and heading down the stairs and out into the front yard. 'Ron looked a little hurt, but managed a smile anyway.'I missed you,' he said, running a hand up and down her arm. Hermione felt her heart thud and she smiled.'OK,' she said. Hermione pulled away from her mother and sighed again.'I suppose you're right. excited, I suppose,' she muttered.'And for good reason. Keep him waiting any longer and I get the feeling your father would intimidate Ron so much he'd hardly talk to you all evening,' said Mrs Granger. 'Then let's go to the park.'Ron smiled and got out of the car. He gripped it and pulled her along, leading her through the playground and around sand castles and little children. 'I used to do it all the time.'Ron grinned back.'Good. I'll be behind you and I'll need you to listen to everything I say, OK? Hermione furrowed her eyebrows.'All right,' she said slowly. Hermione set her foot in his hands and reached up to grab the first branch. Ron grinned.'Yeah,' he murmured.'It's beautiful,' she said, scanning the field.'Yeah,' said Ron, looking at Hermione. 'It really does.''Like we're supposed to be doing it,' said Hermione.'Yeah,' said Ron. Hermione swallowed and took a breath.'Don't worry about it,' she said. But it's too soon.'Ron nodded.'We don't want to rush things,' he said.And even the idea of shipping Hermione with Lucius/Voldy simply makes me puke. I am particular about pairing Hermione only with Ron because I have shipped them together since book three and no matter who says what, I feel they belonged together forever. I love Ron, more than Hermione, more than any other character in the series even more than Harry.

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