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Once the referral is made, potential users must then give the app access to their Instagram account for review.

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While their identities are kept anonymous, according to the website, the Raya selection committee "is comprised of people from various backgrounds, geographies, and creative industries." NEWS: Rebel Wilson Offers Hysterical and Valuable Dating Advice If you're accepted, the app costs $7.99 per month, and you are encouraged to keep a certain level of discretion.

"The first Raya profile that I saw when I signed up was Joe Jonas, and I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to my girlfriends," the user said.

Arguably, one of the most frustrating aspects of online dating is creating your personal profile.

It’s one thing to have a conversation with someone and tell them a bit about yourself, but trying to sum up all of your wonderful qualities, shortcomings, quirks, aspirations and life history into a couple of short paragraphs is a daunting prospect for most people.

You don’t want to start off your exciting new relationship with a lie – this doesn’t bode well for the future.”This goes for the visual representation, too.

Jack continued: “Your photo and bio are the first things your potential lover will see so they have to represent you.

After all, guys are visual and they are spending the majority of time on your photos not reading about you.

Gentlemen – please think of something original to write about yourself (where you have vacationed and why you loved it, what you do on a lazy Saturday afternoon, etc.).

It sounds obvious, but many people get so caught up trying to make the best virtual impression they completely lose sight of themselves.

Jack said: “If you lie about something, be it your age or even just an interest, the truth will eventually come out.

According to a recent study, more than a third (35 per cent) of coupled Brits met their lovers online.

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