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Most practices develop an initial plan to identify their key goals, select an EHR system that supports these goals, and then finalize their plan after the selection.After establishing the practice’s objective(s) and planning how EHRs will affect workflows, the leadership team and staff can determine what to look for when considering and selecting an EHR system.I'm an Apex novice - this is essentially the first new work I've done - and I'm trying to create a test class for a trigger that's intended to evaluate a Case record on insert or update, and set a boolean to true if any of the following criteria are met: The trigger itself seems to behave as expected, but I'm getting tripped up on the test class.

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Here's the test class: All the tests pass when I run them, but I can see from the code coverage that one line isn't being hit, which made me suspicious. Note that I've trimmed the list of fields I'm evaluating down to just two, for ease of readability; there's really about 20 more fields in that else if: I'd really appreciate any advice or thoughts you may have. From the feedback in comments, I'm making an initial stab at adding some System.assert Equals statement, starting with the first test method (the one I think is working OK): The case runs and passes, and based on some system.debugs before and after the query, I can see that Archive_Closed_Case_Needs_Update__c was false before the lookup and true after.

It appears to me that the content after the insert in test Case Being Closed() and test Closed Case Edited Needs Archive() is not correct, but I'm not sure how to make it work. Does this seem like an appropriate format/implementation of an assertion?

View tools for Step 3 Selecting an EHR system is a critical decision and a significant planning task.

There are different opinions regarding when the selection of an EHR system should be made in the planning phase.

In addition, it makes me question whether the problem is that I'm inserting and then updating without doing a lookup inbetween.

Is the problem with mu update above just that it no longer has the Id value from the original create, thus it's updating to nothing?

In the following example, we will simply call When iterating over a model that contains a foreign key, be careful with the way you access values on related models.

Accidentally resolving a foreign key or iterating over a back-reference can cause which will contain the count of tweets for each user.

Check out my quick video tutorial below to learn how.

If you're using the most current version, select the documentation for that version with the version switch in the upper right corner of the online documentation, or by downloading a newer PDF or EPUB file.

Instead, you can update the counters atomically using classes.

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