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Nadine Aburas, Tori Ann Pennington, Julissa Brisman - these are just some of the women who have been murdered in recent years by men they met online.

And after swiping a bunch of things, I decided it was time to go hate some people. And I don't dislike "Gangnam Style" quite enough to match with Person B, who lists it as a top hate. It's all going great, and then I hit a wall: I've hated everyone.

Online dating is a multi-billion dollar industry with over 40 million users and growing every day.

I'm sorry, I'm dishonest, I'm married." "You have to be very careful," Falzone tells Web MD.

"Especially when children are involved, you want to make sure you're doing the right thing." In fact, he advises hiring a private investigator when getting involved with someone new. Then after they're snookered, they feel so silly, so embarrassed about what happened." His dating advice: "You can't change the spots on a leopard." A date isn't a therapy session; don't ramble about lost loves or your personal problems too much, Falzone says.

It's a Friday, and I decide I'll wait till tomorrow to like (or not hate) someone.

I posed these questions to the friend who had so wisely referred me to the app. I continue hating people, swiping left, left and left before deciding to call it a night. It's not yet 10 a.m., and a notification pops up that I've already viewed all users in my area.

Sorry, but we don’t judge our potential mates on personality alone.2.

One out of 10 sex offenders use online dating to meet other people – Uh…3. e Harmony mentions that a study found that men who reported incomes higher than 0,000 received 156% more email than those with ,000.

Valentines Day is right around the corner but before you get ready to try to find a date, which is mainly online now, check out our states ranking on safety for online dating.

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