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which lies north of the city of San Diego and south of the city of Escondido.Some nearby communities are Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Peñasquitos, and Ramona to the East.

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The town of Nevada was incorporated on April 19, 1856.

In 1864, the word “City” was added to the name to relieve confusion with the nearby state of Nevada, and the town has legally been known as “Nevada City” ever since.

during the California Gold Rush, as Nevada (Spanish for "snow-covered", a reference to the snow-topped mountains in the area).

The Gold Tunnel on the north side of Deer Creek was the city's first mine, being located in 1850.

If you can't locate an obituary online, try contacting a library in the area you are searching.

Most libraries have local newspapers on microfilm and often have indexed the obituaries from local newspapers.

The original name of the valley ("Pawiiy" or "Pauwai") is derived from the Kumeyaay language of the Diegueño Indians who roamed the area for several hundred years before the Spaniards came.

Traces of these Native Americans still remain in Diegueño.

These subdivisions are analogous to subdirectories or folders on your hard drive.

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