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To flash a custom firmware, you need your phone with the latest version of Android 2.1.1, follow the previus steeps to update your phone. The great custom firmware for X8 at this moment is Cyanogen Mod for mini, exist a version with Froyo (2.2), Ginger Bread (2.3) and Honey Comb (3.0) With any of this firmwares, you need to update with x Recovery installing from SD Card To update, you need: To E15a don't know if exist any 2.1 firmware and don't have a customizations code for this model, I only have 2 codes, the original in my phone 1245-1217 and the used to flash 1.6 and going back to 3G support 1236-9457, these codes don't have upgrade yet.

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Despite these omissions and a few less than flattering reviews Sony Ericsson revealed earlier this month that the Xperia Play was selling ‘as well as expected’, its managed to become quite a popular handset off the back of its gaming capabilities and Play Station Network integration, despite running Android with a single core processor.

Around the same time, Sony Ericsson declined to confirm or deny rumours, allegedly originating from its own PR staff, that the Xperia range would see the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update.

The R3A firmware update will improve the wireless performance of this smartphone, and also improve the responsiveness of the touchscreen.

The Xperia X1 includes a 3-inch, WVGA Touchscreen that can slide aside to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. This Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional device includes up to 400 MB of internal storage, and a micro SD card slot for additional storage.

A support line advised me to 'disable my firewall' but I don't want to do that.

Just as promised, Sony Ericsson's finally doled out a major update to cure the Live View once and for all.

Sony Ericsson announced on its blog that it will update unbranded versions of the Xperia X10 to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in the second or third quarter of this year.

That’s a pretty stunning announcement, considering Sony Ericsson had said earlier that it had no plans to update the Xperia X10 beyond Android 2.1 (Eclair).

To get the update, simply use the SE Update Service for Windows (sorry, no Mac support) and follow the instructions -- download link available below if you're new to this.

Owners of the Sony Erricsson Xperia X10, make ready your computers - the official Gingerbread update is ready and available to download.

The update brings many new features aside from the goodness of Gingerbread, including Facebook inside Xperia, Sony's take on Facebook integration; Wi-Fi hotspot and USB tethering, a new music player with equalizer, photo widget, and app tray sorting.

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