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The Toast Bar would have to be our favorite local bar.

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The often forgotten underrated hub that boasts proximity, community and all round deadliness in its quaint sensibility.

Shaped by the canal and numerous patches of green - this no-nonsense suburb has housed many and left a mark in the hearts of so much more. In terms of neighbourhood goodness - it gets full marks all 'round.

So, still feeling the after-effects of a bit of a mad one on Saturday night, but looking forward to more-of-the-same, I met with the usual heads at Portobello plaza, and we were joined by another connoisseur in Soundtracksforthem veteran DMc Hugh.

Crossing the bridge into flatland, we were given a heads up on a bit of local history from jaycarax, who told a tale of the first bridge to cross the canal at Portobello, and a horse drawn carriage that plunged into the lock from it, taking the lives of its six inhabitants.

with the utter magic of Rathmines - you may not have heard of The Mart.

The Mart is a renovated fire station with a primary aim to create a platform for new media, installation, sculpture, experimental film and performance artists.

Posted in Miscellaneous, Pub Crawls, Reviews, Social History, tagged dublin, grace's, guinness, mother reilly's, pub crawl, rathmines, rody boland's, slattery's, toast on February 9, 2010| 6 Comments » Now; it was in my head beforehand that this months pub crawl was going to be a rare treat; We were all to be taking our pints in five pubs we hadn’t set foot in before, a rare occurrence when you consider we once tried naming every pub we’ve drank in Dublin before, and ended up giving ourselves migraines. This Sunday, our territory had been marked out in advance by fellow pub-crawler JFlood; we were out of the town centre, away from our comfort zone and up into his neck of the woods- this week, CHTM would hit Rathmines.

Rosita Boland and Micheál Ó Conghaile, overall and emerging fiction Hennessy award winners, with Maurice Hennessy (centre) at the awards ceremony in the Dublin Writers Museum in 1997.

Now it’s odd, I’ve been in Dublin for nine years now, and have been drinking for the majority of those, but I’ve never crossed either of the canals for a pint; unless you count the student bar in UCD that is, or of course Croke Park, the odd time my home county made it there.

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