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CPL Couple D Divorced, see Divorce Support D&D free, D/D free, D/D or DD Drug and disease free DTE Down to earth Exing, see What is Exing?

F2F Face to Face FAQ Frequently Asked Questions F Female Ft M Female-to-male transgendered FWB Friends with benefits, see What is Friends with Benefits?

“He was very lucky that he was not more seriously or even fatally injured, and he has now been discharged from hospital.

“We believe that this was an isolated incident and we are working to establish the full circumstances of what happened and why.

A Asian AKA Also Known As Avatar small picture used to represent a person, see What is an Avatar?

B Black BBW Big Beautiful Woman BDSM Bondage/Discipline/Sadomasochism, see BDSM Dating Sites Bi Bisexual, see Bisexual Dating Sites C Christian, see Christian Dating Sites Casual dating, see What is Casual Dating?

Public laboratories are often associated with a law enforcement entity or the district attorney's office, while others are independent government entities.

Private forensic laboratories, some dedicated just to DNA analysis, also exist.

Many labs have the ability to conduct testing on nuclear DNA, which is the copy of DNA that exists in the nucleus of every cell.

But only a few labs offer more specialized techniques, such as Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA analysis.

Carmen: The Chinese introduced oriental food to Britain.

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