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The success of Catfish: The TV Show indicates the significance of deception as a focus of attention and communication.It also garners the attention of the researcher to discover the rationales and outcomes of deception in online romantic relationships.

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This research aims to shed light on the role of deception in building online relationships.

The most common themes that occurred while viewing Catfish: The TV Show include low self‐esteem and depression, weight‐related issues, sexual and gender issues, multiple relationships or decoys, emotional issues, entertainment and escape, malicious intent and financial gain and possible fame.

These socially defined differences become part of a larger social structure that influences male dominance over women in social situations (Crawley, Foley, and Shehan 2008).

According to West and Zimmermann (1987), this creates and perpetuates the notions surrounding a gender binary, two separate, socially unique genders who 'naturally' act differently from each other via differential social conditioning.

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