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As that story has built over the last couple of months, and as Tebow and the Broncos have become one of the top stories in the NFL, the question I've gotten asked more and more, leading up to this week when I've seen the question flood onto my phone and email inbox: Is Tim Tebow gay?I'm not a big fan of speculating about people's sexual orientation, particularly athletes.It was also said that they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. He really liked her personality and thought of her as a goddess.

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"I want to sit around the dinner table every night and see kids from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, right here in the States. It’s one of my favorite things to dream about."Antarctica.

Antarctica features a research-based population of just 4,000, which could throw a wrench into his otherwise fascinating plan.

Tebow, who was born in the Philippines and grew up in Florida, told he's currently single and searching for somebody with the same type of long-term family outlook."Of course I want a woman who I'm attracted to," Tebow said. But I'm looking for someone who loves Jesus and loves people.

Someone who makes me want to be a better person for her.

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who's currently trying to jump-start a baseball career in the New York Mets organization, is ready to start a family and hopes to eventually adopt a child from every continent.

Steve Helling of reported these comments from the 29-year-old athlete and SEC Network television commentator, who stated he wants to "adopt so badly.""You know what I think would be awesome? I think that would be a pretty cool goal," Tebow said.

While he's put on some terrific displays of power since signing with the franchise in September, it's unclear whether that will translate into meaningful success.

The outfielder struggled during his time in the Arizona Fall League, hitting below the Mendoza line (.194) while striking out in nearly one-third of his at-bats (20 Ks in 62 ABs).

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as another anti-Tebow snark piece, it isn't.

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