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Today, though, riding on just three hours of sleep, she seems a little nervous, a little distracted.She spent the past week making a foray into professional acting that she can’t tell me very much about, and she only has a few weeks left to finish the new record, which is slated to drop this October on 4AD.She announced the affiliation with a Tumblr photo of her tattooed hands throwing up the Roc: “I’ve joined the x men,” the caption explained. Just a few years after its scrappy beginnings in the Montreal DIY scene, her conceptual pop project Grimes had landed Boucher on the brink of stardom, with a Billboard-charting, multiple-year-end-list-topping album in her 2012 breakout, Visions, plus fashion cosigns from Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander Mc Queen, among a dozen other big names, and the sort of fanatical cult following best measured by the scores of lovingly hand-drawn fan portraits she uploads to her Tumblr.

Skye also puts a unique spin on the eternal, complicated debate of boys, dating, and that boy-your-mother-warned-you-about in the aptly titled, “It sucks.” Not your average teen burdened with wondering what to do, Skye has fit various parts of her artistic persona into her life and has become a success because of it.

Skye now has help with managing fame from Zack Werner, one of the judges of Canadian Idol.

With Children, this show isn't nearly as envelope-pushing as its predecessor, but it still might raise some eyebrows.

A heavyweight feature debut from Writer / Director DMW Greer and writer Helene Kvale, starring Trent Ford, Tammy Blanchard and Morgan Spector, military-set love story Burning Blue will be available for digital download from 7th November and to celebrate we are offering you the chance to win one of 5 digital copies. S Navy fighter pilots Dan (Trent Ford, Deserted) and Will (Morgan Spector, The Drop) are on track to become the youngest pilots to be accepted into the space program.

Her intensive arts education helped with co-writing the lyrics to her hit single, “Billy S.” (which was the leadoff single from this summer’s feel-good romance How To Deal starring Mandy Moore and Trent Ford) where she describes her tired a.m.

Monday mornings, and takes on William Shakespeare on a nickname basis, and wanting to express the conflict she feels about her normal teen self versus her need to rock out, “Split Personality” evolved.

In a T-shirt and shorts, her home-dyed hair piled into a scraggly white, green, and purple bun, she’s hardly recognizable as the formidable heroine triumphantly raising a sword to the sky in the video for Visions single “Genesis.” For one thing, she doesn’t really know her way around Los Angeles yet. “I got to a place where I didn’t need to run away from the entertainment industry anymore,” she says of the move.

Following six months of self-imposed exile in the mountains of Squamish, a coastal region of British Columbia, and some time in Vancouver, she and boyfriend James Brooks, whose own musical projects include Elite Gymnastics and Default Genders, relocated to L. “I just had to do that to make sure I could get to a place psychologically where I wouldn’t go insane.” Boucher has lived in town long enough to have a favorite take-out spot, but not long enough to name a sit-down restaurant where she might hold a quiet conversation with a journalist.

Claire Boucher is behind the wheel of her white Ford hybrid, talking faster than we’re moving through space.

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