Twitter not updating on blackberry

Recently, Facebook made the decision to discontinue support of their essential APIs for Black Berry and Whats App announced they would end support for Black Berry 10 and BBOS at the end of 2016.We are extremely disappointed in their decision as we know so many users love these apps.

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Black Berry has confirmed that it is “actively exploring alternatives” to Whats App for Black Berry 10 after it was announced that the popular messaging service will cease support for all Black Berry platforms by the end of this year.

“While the app landscape continues to evolve, our commitment to Black Berry 10 and our developers is unwavering,” the Canadian company told “We are actively exploring alternatives for Black Berry users once support of Whats App Messenger for BBOS and Black Berry 10 ends in late 2016.” It’s not totally clear what that means.

As I mentioned above, the Facebook app has been in need of an update for months now, and it seems rather than fixing it Black Berry decided to just go ahead and effectively kill it because of the lack of API access from Facebook. Thankfully, there's still options out there for third-party Facebook apps.

The Facebook app 'update' is live right now, so you can grab it or wait until March 31st when it will stop working altogether and then update.

Whats App’s policy prohibits third-party apps, and it has been very strict about clamping down on these in the past.

Black Berry would have to convince it to make an exception for its users, but this would mean Whats App can continue to cling onto them without having to plough time and resources into maintaining its own Black Berry apps.

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It's worth noting again; this is on Facebook, not Black Berry so if you're angry, direct your anger to Facebook.

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