dating marketplace nic neely - Updating bios toshiba a105

Thomas, I can't guarantee that something I wrote two years ago is still good because models change from year to year. To check for sure, remove the hard drive and power on the unit.This Toshiba bios password removal process is meant for use on Toshiba laptops that you own or have had permission from the rightful owner to remove the password.

Toshiba is aware of the problem and last I heard will fix the problem for free. Thanq for ur post i successfully reset the bios password in toshiba A100-294 motherboard, after that i entered bios and in security option i accidently changed TPM option (Disable) i activated the option.

Problem is you must send the thing in to them and do with out it while they do the repair. repair may take them over a week and you're stuck with out your laptop. When i restarted the notebook, Display is gone off now not working, How can i fix this plz help me? Unfortunaltely, it doesn't work on my model (A100-768 (PSAA9E)).

It crashed constantly so I tried to install XP but as you already know, it would say that it couldn't find a hard drive.

What you have to do is power on the Laptop and then press F2 to get into the BIOS menu.

I too have been searching for answers on various sites and forums and none of the suggestions (including downloading XP drivers) worked.

This definitely works (at least for the Toshiba L300 Laptop anway).I have found the Key to resetting the power on password. If there is no c88 points, the board is not the same.Although I will not take credit for producing this bit of information, I will take credit for passing it along to you. Toshiba Satellite A100 and the A105 will install a POP (Power-On-Password) at most any time that the unit is shut down and turned on. Short the two contact of "C88" and press the power on button. There may be other ways to bypass the password, but at present, I'm not up on them.1) If you are lucky and haven't had the problem yet, up grade your BIOS ASAP. 2) If it has happened to you and you think you're stuck with a brick, Good news. I acually found C88 jumper un der the card, shorted it, but the computer still request a password.You can fix this by removing first removing all power, then remove the plastic cover above the keyboard, removing removing the two keyboard screws. I also removed the hard drive to make sure th password isn't stored on HDD.Aside from the Key Disk, you can build a parallel Loopback plug, this is a simple device that plugs into the parallel port of the machine and removes the password when you boot it up.

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