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The couple learned they were pregnant with four babies in November.

It wasn’t until they arrived in Richmond at VCU Medical Center that they learned they were expecting sextuplets.

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"A typical labour and delivery shift includes one, perhaps two premature births, usually with time in between.

We had to co-ordinate with our colleagues in the NICU for six premature babies to be delivered simultaneously," said Dr Susan Lanni from VCU Medical Center.

AFTER 17 years of trying to have kids, Adeboye and Ajibola Taiwo have had six at once.

A Virginia hospital said its staff has successfully delivered the couple's sextuplets and the three boys and three girls are thriving.

He shared, "As everyone knows, all it takes is one cell to multiply.” Despite his cancer battle, Joe is maintaining a positive outlook on life.

“Right now the outlook is great, but no matter what, I have to monitor this for the rest of my life.

He told In Touch magazine, "At this point, I am spending time with my family. The cancer continues to be monitored, and I am doing everything the doctors are telling me to do.

I’m looking for a miracle.” After he was diagnosed, Joe immediately underwent a prostatectomy.

While the consent form is normal procedure for patients undergoing surgery, the T&T Guardian learned that one was drafted specially to distance the NCRHA from any potential medical-negligence lawsuit.

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