Updating directx updating a wooden dining set

"sweet home 3d will exit now because of fatal error in the 3d rendering system of your computer.

According to the reference of Wikipedia, Direct X is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming, video, graphics and high-end-3D applications, on Microsoft platforms.

So we make it plain, without proper Direct X installed on your Windows, your games, and other multimedia applications may not execute correctly.

When checking Windows 10 with dxdiag from the command line it indicates Direct x 10 is running normally and no updates are currently available.

Yet on Windows 7 dxdiag indicates newer Direct x 11 is running normally.

Hot on the heels of Nvidia finally lifting the curtain to reveal its Ge Force GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, the GPU maker is said to be working on a rather major driver update that is focused on Direct X 12.

The driver update will purportedly offer up to a 16 percent bump in performance in a variety of DX12 games.Also except for Sweet Home 3D 5.0, Windows 10 works well so far.Is there some way for getting Windows 10 and Sweet Home 3D to work on a HP G62 laptop equipped with an Intel GMA 4500 graphic chip set?Or will this DX10 card support and run DX11 just fine, it is just the fact that Nvidia couldn't label it as such since DX11 wasn't out yet?Anyone that has some good insight to this, let me know!Edit: alright, if you downvote this thread or vote to have it closed...

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