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I'm trying to play some files from which looks to me in HD content. So creating one is a simple as signing into your gamertag and pressing the Xbox button and choosing Join Xbox live.(If you don't do this, and create an Xbox live profile without being signed in, this will result in another profile seperate to your original.Also there are media streaming programs out there if you want to use third party programs like Tversity that will convert your files on the go to the Xbox's format. Then note that some file formats even with the optional media update will not play in the Xbox.

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And the D-Pad converts from the old style flat version, to the taller new version just by twisting it.

The bad news, it’s part of a $65 play-and-charge bundle that’s coming out Nov.

Add Elite Config setting, and turn on/turn off Sniper Breath function in Elite Config setting A. Add Steel Series APEX M800 keyboard compatibility 2.

Add Corsair M65 RGB Gaming Mouse compatibility 20161208 Improves keyboard and mouse compatibility. *Accommodate PS4 3.15 version *Tournament mode:cancel turbo/remap function, this version let you use Brook converter while tournament.

Ok, since there are lot's of guides, all having different methods out there, i figured i would make an "official" update guide, the tools i make are aimed at making it as simple as possible, yet ppl have trouble understanding lot's of things, and some ppl just do stupid things despite having it all right infront of you in my tools... ** NOTE: This guide is a combined effort of me and Razkar!

**First of all you'll want to download xe Build GUI Version 2.098 (or later)If you're going to be using Xe LL for this, Xe LL is usually started by using the eject button, however it can be other methods aswell, which i'm not going to go into details about here as most people have it set to eject (this is the default setting)Here's a screenshot of these settings: And of course you have to feed the app the 1BLKey which is "DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA", you also have to feed it your CPUKey Once you click on Generate you'll be presented with a window that looks something like the screenshot below, what you need to do is add "4g" to "corona" like i've done in the screenshot, after that you need to press the save button Now we are ready to build the new image, simply press "Generate hacked image" (the big button near the bottom)If the button is greyed out like in the screenshots check the bottom row indicating "Current status:" this will aid you in checking what is wrong (what information is missing)Your kinect might need to be updated aswell, to do this all you have to do is run the avatar update described above with your Kinect connected, if you do this all at once you'll first be asked to update your console, after reboot you'll be asked to update your device (kinect), simply accept it and your kinect firmware should be updated to latest version! bought a brand new one) you'll be asked to update aswell, same as above^ Hi, I try to update my Xbox Glitch BUT I get some issue...

So, my friend just got a used xbox 360 but doesn't have an internet connection.

I brought over some games, including a few original xbox games, but the original xbox games don't work since the system hasn't been updated.

I seem to recall them being separate, but if I can just install the latest firmware and have have everything work, that would be nice. Sorry for going on and on, but I feel like someone in the future might be doing his or her own research into this, and just might stumble onto this archive. For the record, I don't know which firmware she is currently running, but it can't be super old since it's got the current Windows 8-ish interface.

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