Updating iis ssl certificate

I had some struggle with setting up the wildcard SSL certificate on my server, so I thought I should make some notes here for others who may encounter the same problems.There are several points along the way where one can easily make a mistake and create more difficulty, so hopefully these notes will help you do it the right way the first time.

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Your answer helped me to a different solution: I exported the cert from the first server (created a pfx file) and imported it into the second. This happens when the installed certificate does not contain your private key.

In order to check if the certificate contains the private key and how to repair it use this nice tutorial provided by Entrust certificate request, and hence when you import the (now signed) certificate associated with your first request, it will not have a private key associated with it.

SSL Diagnostics main window says the certificate is the new one, but when I use the Probe SSL method and probe the site it gives the old certificate. I haven't yet completely removed the old certificate, in case something would go awry in the process...

MOSS 2007 should always use the certificate specified in IIS.

With Microsoft systems the private key is hidden away and will only appear once the CSR request has been completed.

Your SSL certificate will not work without this private key file.

Then go to IIS and IMPORT cert instead of finish request. I did run the export and set a password for the export itself, but I did not have to reimport the certificate. You need to ensure you are installing on the same server as the one you created the "CSR" file from. If you got your cert, just ask to re-key, it will ask for a new CSR file. Go Daddy allows you to re-key, just find the cert, and hit "manage" I am not expert at this stuff, but this managed to work.

The certificate now shows up in IIS's list of certificates and can be used for HTTPS bindings. My cert install worked for one server but not a second.

This certificate is used for the encrypted communications to the Secure Auth Id P hosted/cloud services. Once the response / signed request has been received, copy the signed certificate back to the Appliance.3. This procedure contains information on how to process the signed response file on the Secure Auth appliance.1.

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