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Then I saw one of your youtube videos on duping on consoles. I guess my problem all these years when I saw your name was I thought you were trying to hog or..dominate the console boards. A few were upset I released videos on the two exploits in seasons but that aside they have been addressed, that was all that mattered to me, that was my goal.

The Soul Gargoyle grants access to Merasmissions during the Scream Fortress event each year. Souls can be found by killing enemies, completing Merasmissions and finding Soul Gargoyles.

The Soul Gargoyle was initially available during the Scream Fortress 2015 event, and returned during Scream Fortress 2016.

I can find no reference to this update on the Blizzard site or other boards. I actually just saw this update on my X1 5 seconds ago, started updating then came here to see if there was info. Season 11 should be very much exploit free then...unless there are new ones to be found or have been added in!

I played D3 just yesterday, so it's not like it's been a month and I just missed an update that happened weeks ago. Huge exploits going on with PC and Necro/DH at the moment...folks clearing GR139 in 4 man groups...

HELP: You are on Philadelphia Soul scores page in American football/USA section.

Flash offers Philadelphia Soul livescore, final and partial results, standings and match details.

Patch notes: Fixed a bug where an incorrect value was displayed for a Challenge. Fixed issue where former Seasonal heroes were unable to play in remote multiplayer sessions.

So they have sorted the two known exploits that plagued Season 10...duping and reloading save with upgrading rares.

You’ll start with two Trove slots available per character, and can unlock six additional slots.

Logged in to my PS4 to play some D3 today and it announced a VERY large (1.916GB) update to "Version 1.22". Screenshot: Tt Non-seasonal duping: not fixed Seasonal duping: most likely fixed So they have sorted the two known exploits that plagued Season 10...duping and reloading save with upgrading rares.

The Spring Treasure Trove event is here from May 24 until June 14!

During the event you can open a Treasure Trove for free once per day, which offer a variety of highly sought after items at a deep gold discount.

The free unlock doesn’t stack, so you’ll want to be sure to log in each day and use it to get another free one the next day.

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