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Utilizing our highly personalized service in obtaining and updating the most personal and private travel documents, Sam’s Passport Inc.

is recognized as one of the best sources of document procurement through the travel industry. can be trusted to deliver reliable and efficient results.

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Its Easy is one of the oldest,largest and most trusted names in the industry.

Attention NYC Clients - Address change, click for info An "entry" indicates the number of times you are allowed to enter the country with the visa.

passport question or would simply like to have one of our passport customer service specialists call you?

have been the go-to provider for passport and visa consultation that has procured urgent travel documents for Fortune 500 organizations as well as individuals for international travel.

We'll receive your application, perform a 15 step review and submit your documents to the Passport Agency while our team keeps you informed throughout the entire process Check Order Status Can't get any better then it is now. As long as you keep people like her you will stay in business.

US Passport Now is registered with the Passport Agency to expedite your passport request.

Acquiring or renewing a child's passport is no walk in the park.

The new requirements mean more work for parents to acquire passports for their children.

The request of a second valid passport is for frequent travelers and is subject to approval by the US Department of State on an individual basis.

Please fill out the form below and one of our passport agents will contact you within 24 hours during normal business days.

If you may travel to the country in the future, obtaining a multiple entry visa now may save you money in the long run. to India for a week, then travel to Indonesia for a week, and then connect back through India on your way home, this may be considered entering India twice, even if only to catch a flight. passport that, just like a passport book, is proof of U. citizenship and identity but can ONLY be used to re-enter the United States at land border crossings and sea ports-of-entry from: Founded in 1976, Its Easy Passport & Visa Services is a U. Government registered passport and visa expediting company which has processed over 2 million passport and visa applications.

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