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The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) is a repository of over 250,000 software modules and accompanying documentation for 39,000 distributions, written in the Perl programming language by over 12,000 contributors.

CPAN can denote either the archive network itself, or the Perl program that acts as an interface to the network and as an automated software installer (somewhat like a package manager).

Joshua Small has been maintaining a fork of the Maia Mailguard project on GIt Hub for some time now, updating the code base to keep up with newer versions of PHP, etc.

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The FAQ tries to answer questions before they're asked.

This saves the trouble of asking them, and sometimes, the trouble of encountering a problem.

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The General FAQ has links to all questions and answers.

The LFS FAQ is a selection of LFS-specific FAQ's and the BLFS FAQ is a selection of BLFS-specific FAQ's.Get it here: A very minor update (1.0.2c) was released today to fix a feature we inadvertently broke with our recent security fix. ™ provides superior protection from email threats, even for the most demanding customers who cannot afford to lose email; like attorneys, doctors, hospitals, financial firms, manufacturing and your business.This does reduce traffic and improve the signal to noise ratio but that is merely a useful side effect.Since the FAQ isn't the natural place to look for information, items should be added to it only if they can't be added to the appropriate documentation.The CPAN's main purpose is to help programmers locate modules and programs not included in the Perl standard distribution. There is no formal bug tracking system, but there is a third-party bug tracking system that CPAN designated as the suggested official method of reporting issues with modules.

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