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Additions from the Standard Edition include: the Garmin G1000 flight deck featured in three aircraft, the ability to act as Air Traffic Control (ATC) for other online users, and the following additional aircraft: Agusta Westland AW101, Boeing F/A-18 Hornet, the Grumman G-21A Goose and the P-51D Mustang.Additionally, the Maule Orion is flyable in the Deluxe Edition, as opposed to the Standard in which it was only available as an AI aircraft.You need to opt into ‘Beta Releases‘ through Steam. While we were developing Risk of Rain, we never expected our game to gain a dedicated following.

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Hey guys, We have a version that has a number of fixes, online-updates, and small optimization additions that is now live on the ‘Test Branch’ for Risk of Rain for Windows users on Steam.

For anyone that is interested in helping us testing out this version and provide us with feedback on how the game is running, if there are any crashes, and overall how you feel about the version feel free to download it. Hey guys, As you may have seen Risk of Rain launched yesterday morning on PS4/Vita in both North America and Europe!

Now you can play on the couch, and on the internet — all at once!

While we still have the four-player local co-op available in Risk of Rain, you can now play online lobbies while sharing a machine with your friend — up to two per machine. You can also invite your friends into your lobby through PSN to get all your game buddies into one lobby.

Are you thinking of making the switch to FSX: Steam Edition?

Do you want more information on the differences between FSX: Steam Edition and the boxed versions? The following article will go through the differences between boxed FSX and the Steam Edition, as well as the updates we have made since FSX: Steam Edition was initially released.

If playing offline is the goal, perhaps Steam's offline mode would work. ref=3160-agcb-2555 It would depend on the game though. There are some exceptions such as the non-game software Display Fusion can run without steam.

Only single player games would work in offline mode and each one would need to be tested. That isn't to say its impossible, as many pirated games are steam versions that run without steam.

Please shoot us an email at ‘[email protected]’ if you find anything you need to report with as much information included as possible with the ‘v1.3.0’ tag in the subject of the email. Three years later, Hopoo Games and Code Mystics have partnered up to send Risk of Rain to PS4 and PS Vita!

Note: Some bugs that were reported for 1.2.8 couldn’t be recreated in 1.3.0 before fixes were attempted – they may have been fixed inadvertently, or they may still be there. While PC gamers will be familiar with Risk of Rain, we have a few new features to the game’s online system — exclusive to Play Station owners.

If you encounter any errors/crashes, please try to remember what caused it! Were you the host (hosting) or the client (joining)? Thanks to the Play Station Network, we now have automatic matchmaking integrated into Risk of Rain.

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