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You can override the default simple parameterization behavior of SQL Server by specifying that all SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements in a database be parameterized, subject to certain limitations.

Forced parameterization is enabled by setting the PARAMETERIZATION option to FORCED in the ALTER DATABASE statement.

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They also use an optimized in-memory DOM tree for processing, such as extracting XML documents or fragments.

wherever you use a user-defined type, including for table columns, views, trigger bodies, and type definitions.

Before we dive into the load process, we need to cover a few basics about XML files.

First, an XML file is an extensible Markup Language file; XML itself is a Markup Language which shares some similarities to HTML.

Just like HTML, XML and XML files use tags; in XML's case, these tags are used to define, describe, structure, and nest data.

Furthermore, and contrary to HTML, each tag is not predefined, but is established by the users who generates the files.

What is the process for importing an XML document into SQL Server via SSIS?

What are some helpful hints for loading the data effectively and efficiently?

You can perform the following manipulations or Data Manipulation Language (DML) on XML data in SQL function.

Assume that the purchase order is an object view that contains a purchase order object.

When the PARAMETERIZATION option is set to FORCED, any literal value that appears in a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement, submitted in any form, is converted to a parameter during query compilation.

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