Updating xp to 7

That’s a problem: when Microsoft stops supporting an OS, it doesn’t only withdraw its technical-support services – it also stops updating the software.

Among other things, this means no more monthly fixes to protect against new viruses and malware.

If you’re going to attempt to install this yourself, you’ll need to completely erase your hard drive and start from scratch.

Also, check the minimal requirements for a computer to run Windows 10. Keep in mind there is help available at Microsoft stores.

”For an OS that’s three releases behind the times, this shouldn’t be big news, but XP has proved remarkably tenacious.

Net Applications measured 31.2% of the world’s PCs still running XP in October 2013.

Anybody still using XP will be stuck with the OS as it stands on that final day, and you can expect any security vulnerabilities subsequently discovered to be ruthlessly targeted.

Carrying on without support and an increased security risk is an unappealing prospect, so if you don’t have a migration plan, it’s really time you put one together.

Read the story online at “System 76 in Denver shows how easy it is to use Ubuntu Linux computers” (short link for print readers: dpo.st/system76).

If you want to DIY it, you can also download Ubuntu for free.

There are three in Colorado and the in-store Answer Desk employees, who offer “free 15-minute consultations,” can help you set up Windows. Another option is to ditch Windows and go with a simpler system, like Linux. It’s based off the 16th Street Mall in Denver and sells Linux Ubuntu computers that offer all the regular features most of us expect from computers.

And the team is friendly and offers customer support for the PCs they sell.

How to update to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or Windows 7?

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