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The shortage of technology and digital skills poses a real threat, affecting business leaders, owners and workers in some way every single day.

Many IT professionals see consultancy as a desirable career, offering big bucks and exciting projects.

But just because you are an expert in your industry sector does not necessarily mean you will cut it as a consultant - or be happy and fulfilled in your work. Consultants clearly need good interpersonal skills. "We look for examples of where people have handled sensitive or difficult situations - not necessarily just commercially but in extra-curricular activities - and where they have been able to move a group of people forward to a successful conclusion," says Julia Harvie-Liddel, recruitment director for Accenture in the UK and Ireland.

"We want people who are capable of working in teams and influencing and driving things forward, not being the one who sits in the background." One IT professional who has made the transition is Rebecca Smith, now a consultant in Deloitte's technology delivery management arm.

Smith previously worked in house as a project manager for a global construction company, and as a database analyst for a data management services provider.

In web portal design, taxonomies are often created to describe categories and subcategories of topics found on the website.

The categorization of words on What Is is similar to any web portal taxonomy.Linda Jureidini-Cox, an associate director in the IT Practice of recruitment consultancy Hudson, says that "You have to be comfortable managing client expectations and making decisions, and have a can-do attitude." Consultancy is not for you if you do not like being put on the spot and having to think on your feet.In fact, being able to hit the ground running is essential.Indeed, it is fair to say that most organisations tend to only act to ensure data quality when they implement new systems, undergo a major update, when they need to integrate with another platform, or when something goes disastrously wrong.As a consequence, the accuracy of the information held in IT systems, even that in business-critical databases, will "drift" over time.Linked In is a business-focused social networking site that launched in 2003.

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