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on Saturday and Sunday are the main staple of the WTVQ broadcast day.

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See full summary » Malcolm Mc Gee is a responsible and sensible 20-something who ends up sharing a Kansas City apartment and a business venture with relentlessly enthusiastic tow truck owner Eddie Sherman. See full summary » Sassy sitcom centering on radio and television personality Martin Payne.

Series focuses on his romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina, her best friend Pam and escapades with best friends Tommy and Cole.

This section will allow you to track what's currently on TV - whether it be by network, by time slot, by status, by genre or by studio - or just to see a list of all the shows we currently cover.

Each project has its own SHOWATCH page where you can see all the news, dvds, listings, etc. There you can also add it to your MYFUTON page for easy tracking.

has used its own, distinctive slanguage in headlines and stories, words like ankle, which refers to someone leaving (say, walking away from) a job, or whammo, which refers to something terrific, especially box office performance.

In part it was a device to fit long words into small headlines, but it was also to create a clubby feel among the paper’s entertainment industry readers.

affil — television network affiliated station; “Each broadcast network has an annual gathering of its affils.” AFTRA — American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

National labor union representing performers, journalists and other artists working in entertainment and news.

People in the business understood thrush; those outside the business, well, they weren’t -A- A&R — relating to the artists and repertoire department of a record company; “Capitol sent an A&R man to catch the new act at the Troubadour.” a.d.

— assistant director; “Alan Smithee’s career began as the a.d.

Jamie King (Jamie Foxx) is an aspiring actor from Terrell, Texas, who has come to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.

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