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If so, what can be built that doesn’t destroy what you went there for in the first place? As Todd Saunders puts it in our interview with him: “Out in the landscape, you really appreciate things. Dating In is a london dating service providing london dating.

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The people I had come with were too high on poetry to pay any attention to the fact that no one in the room cared about anyone who wasn’t famous, and when I caught their eyes over the heads of the studiously aloof patrons of the bar they looked wild, their irises rimmed in white.

Later that evening I was appalled when, at the after-party at the bar across the street, a girl from the New School who had not yet introduced herself to me reached over, in the middle of a self-imposed and exclusive poetry workshop, to eat the food directly from my plate.

When I first met Major Jackson, it was at an event that I like to call, with the dishonesty of hindsight, the sycophantic shitshow sonnet.

We were in the East Village, at the KGB bar, crammed between small round tables and young poets in skinny jeans, waiting to hear Erin Bilieu and Brenda Shaughnessy read. When I tried to introduce myself, young folks pretended to stare through me and older folks looked at me pityingly or lecherously, as if I were a young wannabe poet who hadn’t yet learned the art of jade.

notwithstanding, 2012 was, as it has been iterated by numerous critics, a wonderful year at the movies.

William “Bibbs” Bibbiani and I spent the last episode of The B-Movies Podcast, celebrating a proud 100 episodes of being high on meths, long-windedly discussing the best and worst films of the year, and brought up, oh, about fifty titles that came out during the year that were worthy of note, either because they were entertaining, astonishing, or had the word “Oogieloves” in the title.

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