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They’ve gotten away with this unmolested because the people and institutions we trusted to represent us and our interests were taken over long ago under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure by international banking cartels: there was nobody at the helm of our ship of state and we weren’t told this by the perpetrators who simply claimed to “represent” us and proceeded to misrepresent and abuse us and our material interests in whatever ways profited them and their interests instead. The Uniform Commercial Code was invented by the Roman Curia as a special law form to expedite claims resulting from the bankruptcy of the G-5 nations declared at the Geneva Conventions of 1930.

It is our means to claim back any and all expenses against the rats in behalf of our real “States” and us, the living inhabitants thereof.

The business included the assembly and sale of ambulances and buses, trading as "Treka Bus".

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For A Deeper Understanding: by Anna von Reitz Published on Maine Republic Email Alert, on July 26, 2014 The assaults against us and our “vessels” in commerce have all taken place in the venue of international maritime law.

The predators have been plundering and feasting upon the assets of The United States Trust (1789) which they are in fact obligated to protect.

Look at the “Pledge of Allegiance” — “I” (securing individual consent) “pledge” (an ancient feudal act of serfs and subjects to a king) “my allegiance” (individual obligation to serve) “to the United States of America” (a deceptively named imposter — not “The united States of America” (Major)” but a sound-alike imposter) — “and to the Republic for which it stands” — so, now, ask yourself — “Why would the Republic, our nation, our government, need or want anything else to “represent” it or “stand for” it?

” The Pledge of Allegiance is a deceptive verbal contract giving us notice that this “thing” — this private, for-profit, mostly foreign owned corporation — is usurping our rightful government and that it is “representing” or in other words, “standing for” our lawful government however it sees fit, and that by repeating this oath of allegiance to it, we are giving our individual consent to serve the corporation as serfs and servants thereof.

Finally, on November 26, 1979, UV sold the rest of its assets—a third subsidiary, some mining properties, and $322 million in cash, subject to the claim of the debenture holders in a face value amount of $123 million—to Sharon Steel Corporation (Sharon) (plaintiff).

The assets in the sale to Sharon constituted approximately 51 percent of UV’s total assets at the start of the liquidation process.Stephen Cave and Stephen Ellis are appointed as joint liquidators of UV Modular Limited ("the Company").The Company was incorporated in 2002 and acquired in 2007 by Asset Co Specialist Vehicles Limited.The Joint Liquidators are Data Controllers of personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998.Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP will act as Data Processor on their instructions.This creates a variety of aesthetic effects in virtually all tile options available today.

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