Validating a checkbox using javascript dating site in brasil

Typical example would be an admin page where you display list of registered users and give facility to activate, deactivate, delete registrations.

through a c# code on server by looping through the gridview rows, retrieving checkbox control in each row and checking if it is in checked state.

validating a checkbox using javascript-89

Also if rows have been selected it creates a comma separated string of selected Id column values and saves it into the hidden field.

In On Click event handler you can get selected id values from this hidden field value and perform appropriate action/s.

For this tutorial I’m just going to include all of the HTML and Javascript in one file to keep things simple.

So to start off, create yourself a little HTML file, like this.

Here's my scenario:- I have a Share Point list with a Yes/No column "Agreement"- On the form, I use Custom validation for the control:- My custom validation script checks if the control is checked: My issue and question is this:-- The function always returns the "false" condition, whether the checkbox is checked or not.

The script function is very simple, so I must have the syntax wrong, or am overlooking something basic.

[Editor's note: This is the second article in a series of three on how to use Domino and Java Script to design dynamic Web applications.

This second article explains how to do field validation with Java Script by walking through the Domino. The In our first article, we discussed the relationship among Domino, Notes and Java Script, and described how Domino developers can use Java Script to control the user environment within a Web browser.

Just about any website or web application will require user input in one form or another.

Whether it’s filling in a contact form or entering profile details into a new application, handling input errors can be the difference between a good or a bad user experience.

Its a common scenario where we provide checkbox in each row of gridview for selecting that record.

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