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First: if you are not on Windows 7 (with SP1) or .1 there is no free upgrade option to Windows 10.

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Third: Backup your data before attempting any upgrades because you never want to discover you do not have a backup when you actually need one.

Fourth: The process I am detailing below is for consumer versions of Windows (both retail and OEM).

This version is in his fork, Tak/Font-Validator Hin-Tak's near-term roadmap is: However, finishing those and other remaining pieces sounds like a full time job for a few months - so Hin-Tak would welcome interested parties to commission him to continue.

Would anyone here contribute to a crowdfund for that?

The key step in each of these installations: I did an in place upgrade to Windows 10 first.

This is because Microsoft is handling the activation of your free Windows 10 upgrade differently.

Aaron and I spoke about liberating it so it could be brought up to modern standards in NYC last year, and after getting approval from his team I sought out some volunteers to take a look.

The main obstacle to liberating the tool was that it partially depended on the Windows font rendering system which was unlikely to be liberated, and less importantly, parts of MSIE for XML report rendering.

Only genuine Windows customers have access to all optional updates and downloads available from Microsoft, which are designed to help you get the most from your PC.

Activation pairs your product key with your hardware configuration and helps verify that your copy of Windows hasn't been used on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

Hin-Tak did an amazing job and now that it runs, Aaron has been able to finally post it publicly.

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