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All of our intelligent admission products integrate with Alvarado’s Gate Link10 admission control software.

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The terminal allows attendants to validate entry credentials, and provide entry, exit and reentry control in applications where patrons are allowed to exit and reenter the facility.

The terminals also provide immediate line busting capabilities during busy entry times and functionality that assists with customer service requirements.

Providing excellent scanning performance and advanced wireless connectivity options, Pocket Gate-MVT provides excellent flexibility and versatility for all types of applications.

The Pocket Gate-MVT is one of several intelligent admission products that we offer.

Interaction with the validation terminal is intuitive for attendants.

When the terminal is started it dynamically locates the venue and gate, eliminating the need for dedicating devices to a particular facility or gate in order to obtain detailed reporting.

It's a bit unclear what checks it performs, but presumably it does as least code-signing and icon dimensions. Password is read from stdin if one is not supplied.

In addition to local validation, it's possible to perform online validation (but only for IPA packages): Online validation seems to be fairly rough, but does all the checks that would otherwise be performed validating an archive from with the Organiser window in Xcode. May use @keychain: or @env: prefixes followed by the keychain or environment variable lookup name. -p @env: SECRET which would use the value in the SECRET environment variable. The username, password, and file path to app archive are required. The username, password, and file path to app archive are required.

For over 20 years, venues worldwide have relied on Alvarado’s intelligent admission solutions to provide automated entrance control at sports and entertainment venues.

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