Vanness wu dating

Taiwanese pop star Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo (石貞善) have frequently found themselves the subject of divorce rumors since their wedding two years ago.Vanness was recently spotted having fun with friends and not returning home until late at night, sparking more speculation that his and Arissa’s marriage is on the rocks.After shopping, the pair went straight back to Ken’s apartment and eagle-eyed reporters noted that Wen Wen even had the key to his abode.

Age 28: Meets his current girlfriend Arissa, daughter of a Singaporean business tycoon, in the filming of his music video ‘My Kingdom.” Age 29: His band is at the peak of their popularity, but Vanness is not happy.

He is unable to do the kind of music he loves (presumably due to corporate pressure), and he feels like he’s losing direction in life.

LOL, the two Wu boys – those two had tons of fun filming AC, too bad their characters had very few scenes together.

A few notables were missing, namely Tiffany Hsu who played the second female lead doctor/fiancée to Vanness’ character (and one of the rare awesome second female leads ever to grace a drama screen) and Amanda Zhu who was the third female lead and nursed a crush on Chris’ character in the drama.

However, the media questioned why Vanness appeared to living life like a bachelor when he clearly had a wife waiting at home.

In the two years since they tied the knot, this is not the first time that Vanness and Arissa have avoided each other in their social get-togethers.A few days ago, the Taiwanese media spotted Vanness meeting up with his friends to eat together.All of his friends had brought a female companion; Vanness was the only one without a partner. Saves money (working for a phone company) so that he can buy an airplane ticket to Taiwan and chase his dream of going to show business.Age 18.5: Makes it to Tiawan, but leads a poor, difficult life.After the meal, Vanness and two of his male friends headed to a foot massage parlor, where they stayed in their private room until late at night.

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