What age should children start dating

I recommend you use this time as a chance to meet a man the traditional way before you try online dating.

RANDY (Randy Carlson): Tell me, Brenda, at what age will you let your daughter single-date?

Finding a Date Going on Your First Date Developing Relationships Through Dating Community Q&A Dating is a great way to meet potential partners and have a good time with new people, but it is daunting to start dating.

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Once you’ve found someone to marry and you get married, you no longer engage in dating.

Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that this is the defining purpose of dating: to find someone to marry.

Two stand out as the most common approaches in our society.

Opinions differ about this question, even the children/teenagers themselves have varying answers as seen below.

I started dating at 11 so I think its fine, but if you are on about a serious relationship I would say 16, and if you are on about calling the boy or girl your b/g friend and just going out to the Movies or something I would say 11, but to be honest its really up to your parents. Some people start dating at 13, others at 16 or older, but this comes down to your choice.

Some people even prefer not to date anyone except when they start a real relationship.

I would say when you're a teenager or in highschool, but if you're dating young go out with a group or friends and not just with one person.

I would say 11 or 12 is a good time to start dating.

BRENDA (a parent who asked about her daughter dating): I guess I'm playing it by ear right now.

I know people say sixteen is the “magic number.” The way I feel about it, if I think she's capable of single-dating when she turns sixteen, I will allow her to do it.

It is supposed to be fun and adventurous, and if you keep an open mind and stay patient you'll be meeting new dates in no time.

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