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Throughout the 13 episode series, viewers ask one quesiton as they move from episode to episode: who does D.

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Tanner-Fuller) is a widowed mother of three, whose husband died on the line of duty as a firefighter. Even if that means waiting (Yes, that's a Jesse and the Rippers reference.) It seems like the perfect set-up right? Though the two begin as co-workers, their partnership evolves into something more. stands before her two love interests, rose in hand, and says that she chooses.

Heck, even Steven wants to see a romantic reunion, letting D. know he'll be there for her when she's ready to start dating again. J.'s new love interest, Matt "Little Matty" Harmon, is introduced to the show in episode four. She ends her speech by noting that, "if it’s this hard for me to decide I must not be ready for a serious relationship."Can I get a YAS for D. That it's OK to be single, even when society (and your sister and BFF) tells you that you have to be with someone.

Joey has been hired as the host for a test-run of a new game show called The Perfect Couple, which tests couples at different stages in their relationships, to see how well they know each other.

DJ and Steve are the "dating couple", Danny and Vicki are the "engaged couple", and Jesse and Rebecca are the "married couple".

first hit the airwaves on Netflix--there has been a debate about whether Steve or Matt really are the better fit for D. Some fans are in Steve's camp, feeling that history and a longtime connection should be the win for the character.

Others are in Matt's camp, feeling like fresh starts are always better than old flames.It's that she asked fans to weigh in about where is going, and they obliged. However, she revealed that earlier on during the season, she had planned to ask Steve to start dating.While more than 87,000 people had liked the post with John Brotherton at the time of this writing, the post with Steve earned more than 135,000 likes. Unfortunately, that plan was foiled when both Steve and Matt ended up bringing dates to a Tanner family event.Once upon a time, he and DJ were the perfect couple, and their breakup near the end of the original series was a tough one to watch.It was a treat to be able to see them together, but to be honest, Steve has changed a lot in the years since fans first met him.The final episode of the freshman season showed DJ picking herself rather than either of the men to settle down with, but they both will still be around for Season 2, making it inevitable for the love triangle to resurface. Before everyone has a chance to binge watch Season 2, we decided to compare the choices and weigh in on DJ's romantic future.

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